We have worked with Masterson & Associates since 1996, which attests to the quality of their service and our satisfaction with it. Their ability to quickly and accurately understand our issues and needs has made their many contributions to our business invaluable.

  • Helped us communicate a series of business process changes clearly and accurately to our internal audience.
  • Approached the compilation of our many procedures creatively, providing our field technicians with two useful, easy-to-manage reference manuals. This means that they stay on task in a manner that is consistent with current business processes.
  • Taught our middle management group how to write concise, meaningful and effective business reports.
  • Created a template that allowed our Technical Access Centre Staff to communicate network status to our front line Call Centre Personnel in an easy to understand way. This helped us improve both internal and external customer relations.

We will continue to engage Masterson & Associates for their innovative approach, reliability, and ability to deliver a quality product at a competitive rate.

– S. Rochette, Vice President Network Management – Rogers Inc.

We have had a reciprocal business relationship with Susan Masterson of Masterson & Associates since 1992.

I consider Susan to be one of the best marketing professionals I’ve worked with during over the past 20 years. She is also highly competent both in the design and the delivery of training programs. I respect her dedication to task and her ability to deliver to deadlines.

During the course of my work in business process improvement, I have had the opportunity to refer Susan to several clients; including a global bank based in New York and a regional cable TV and Internet service provider. Susan has provided a range of services to these clients including training program design and delivery, as well as the development of procedure manuals for complex business processes. The feedback on Susan received from these clients has been extremely positive. They praised her ability to grasp complex business practices and represent them in an easy to understand way.

I’m pleased to recommend Masterson & Associates’ services to anyone looking for exemplary marketing and training program services.

– Andrew R. Spanyi, President – Spanyi International Inc.

The key difference between Masterson & Associates and other marketing firms, is that the primary contact is involved from the start to the finish of each project – the person who attends the initial briefing session understands the business issues and actually does the work, follow-up and revisions.

Masterson & Associates is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for integrated marketing expertise. In many larger marketing firms, you get the top guns at the beginning to impress and convince, and then you never see them again. Or in many cases, the account executive may be your main contact, but even they are relaying the client message to a number of other individuals, and are not involved in the final product, other than to present it.

The one-on-one approach resulted in a more efficient process from start to finish – and I only had to discuss something once – not a number of times with different people, nor was I ever left wondering if the person actually working on the project was going to get the same message. And I never felt I was compromising on creativity or professionalism, because I was using a small boutique agency – rather, the direct lines of communication improved the creative process, with often only 1 or 2 revisions or concepts before we found something that met our objectives.

– Donnalyn Shaw – Former Director of Marketing – Patheon Inc.