Back Up Your Marketing Efforts with Data

Measurement is essential to optimizing an organization’s marketing success. In the past, it was more difficult to gather relevant data that would help managers make the best strategic decisions about future marketing investments. With the exponential growth of online consumption including social media, good data has become more accessible and can provide tremendous value in decision-making. By measuring the behaviour of website visitors, you can analyze your offerings more effectively,  improving customer engagement and satisfaction in the process.

When you begin a new project, make sure that you ask your team if they have the data to support their proposed approach. If there is no up-front data to support the potential success of the project, then be sure that you and your team have agreed on a means of measuring success early in the implementation process. Good data and thorough analysis will help you to accurately assess the cost of reaching your audience. Armed with these metrics, you will be able to achieve the right balance of media tactics in your marketing efforts, based on expected ROI.

While data is essential to your own decision-making, building and maintaining strong relationships with other internal teams is key. Collaboration is a powerful tool. It ensures that the overall objectives of the company are met.