Organize for Productivity

Using a system to manage documents can help boost your business productivity. Here are three simple suggestions:

Dealing with Paper

Colour code your files – use a different colour folder to easily identify each of your main projects, and find what you need in an instant!

Use broad headings for your main folders. For example, label a hanging file folder with a heading such as 2011 Budget, and then file all related documents here.  To increase productivity, subdivide into individual file folders within the broad category, such as Performance Reviews, Salaries, Material Expenses, etc.

Records Retention

  1. Implement a records retention schedule, destroying anything that is no longer useful or is not required by law for operational, legal, or financial reasons. Base your records retention schedule on your own experience, in compliance with legal mandates and corporate policies.

Email Management

1. Move task-oriented email messages out of your inbox into a task folder, so that they are grouped in one place. Change the subject name, to easily identify the topic at a glance.

2. Estimate how much time the tasks will take, and then drop them into your calendar schedule.

3. Use follow-up flags as a reminder. Messages that have fallen through the cracks in your schedule will turn red when they are overdue, making them easy to see. Once you’ve completed a task, be sure to mark it “complete.”

4. Develop a colour scheme for flags. For example, designate a specific colour for high-priority projects. Even if your inbox is full, you’ll be able to spot the most important items.