Write to Make Things Happen!

Writing is an important part of everyday life and in many cases, your writing needs to do more than just communicate information. It can help change a point of view, attitude or even motivate to act. Here are a few simple tips to help you get results from your writing.

1. Get the reader’s attention. Use a captivating lead sentence that demands continued reading. Consider promising the reader more if they continue. Use a conversational tone to attract and hold attention. Add personal touches.

2. Make it easy to read. Highlight key thoughts by underlining, italicizing or bolding certain key words or phrases. This helps readers that skim get the main point quickly. Think short – write short paragraphs and use short words whenever possible, like ‘use’ rather than ‘utilize’ or ‘help’ instead of ‘assistance’. People can read and understand these faster. Include a postscript. This gives you a chance to sum up your message for readers that skim.

3. Motivate. Help the reader see the benefits by stressing the rewards. Use commanding verbs to get the reader to act, such as ‘Find out how..’ or ‘Mark this date…’ Include a closing thought that readers ‘must’ agree with and that prevents them from saying no. For example, instead of saying “Don’t you think we should improve the paper recycling program?” say, ” Our company spends thousands of dollars on paper each year. A new recycling program would cut that cost in half.”